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Ecommerce SEO

October 30, 2022

Ecommerce SEO is one of the biggest fields in SEO. It’s highly lucrative and can be game changing to any product-based business. One of the biggest problems in ecommerce SEO, especially for businesses selling inexpensive products is ad cost. Depending on the product it might not even be profitable to advertise. For example, if the product costs $20 and it takes $25 to make a sale using ads – this is a losing strategy.

SEO can get around this. With an initial investment in SEO, your website can permanently rank in the top positions for your product. Unlike Google ads, organic clicks are free. And so by ranking organically, you can leverage free clicks and scale to a much higher level without increasing ad spend.

Ecommerce SEO services – what’s involved?

Ecommerce SEO services mainly focus on ranking product category pages and product pages. Depending on your business, you may want to rank one or the other, or perhaps both types of pages.

For example, if you’re a men’s fashion store, you might want to rank a product category page called ‘men’s jackets’. This product category page would likely have more volume than individual jacket products, however it would also be more competitive. You might want to then want to rank some of the individual products – e.g. men’s black leather jacket. This page would have less search volume but would likely also be easier to rank for.

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What can an ecommerce SEO agency in Melbourne help with?

To be successful in ecommerce SEO, on-page, off-page, content and technical SEO needs to be done correctly.

On-page SEO for ecommerce websites

The on-page SEO for ecommerce websites is mostly focused on product category and product pages.

This involves keyword research, and building out pages that capture all relevant keywords. Often alternative product pages need to be created for the same product which target different keywords. For example, mountain bikes and gravel bikes are similar enough that customers looking for one or the other will likely convert on either type of bike.

Building out location and size pages are also great to capture additional traffic. For example, for bikes keywords could be mountain bike melbourne or 16 inch bike.

Meta titles and descriptions are also super important. By correctly writing meta titles it’s possible to rank better for the specific product. Meta descriptions help click through rates.

Correct heading tags and keyword density is also important to be successful.

Internal linking to product pages is also very important. It helps Google understand what the pages are about and signals that they are important.

Technical SEO for ecommerce websites

Ecommerce websites often have many technical issues. This ranges from website speed to indexing issues. The large amount of pages generated in ecommerce sites often conflict with each other and it’s important to have the pages correctly organised, canonicalized and separated to avoid keyword cannibalization where multiple pages compete for the same keyword.

Off-page SEO for ecommerce websites

Off-page SEO also known as link building, is also crucial for the success of an ecommerce website. Link building builds authority and is a major ranking factor in Google. Given product category and product pages don’t have a lot of content generally, the biggest thing that separates 2 optimised pages from competitors are the backlink profile differences between them.

Content and blog articles for ecommerce websites

Content is also a major piece of the puzzle. An ecommerce website with a blog will have better topical authority, more content and will convert better than a site without it. The content should be specific to the products sold and each blog should link back to the relevant products discussed using appropriate anchor text.

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The best SEO ecommerce firm in Australia

SEO Summer is an SEO agency that specialises in search engine optimisation, including for ecommerce websites. Our SEO experts have a lot of experience ranking large ecommerce brands and outcompeting large websites such as Big W, Kmart, Target and others. Feel free to get in touch and take advantage of our no-obligation SEO consultation.

What separates a great ecommerce SEO agency in Melbourne from an average one?

One of the biggest things that separates a great ecommerce SEO agency in Melbourne from an average one is a proactive approach to building alternative product pages. This is super important to be able to leverage the maximum amount of traffic. An ecommerce SEO agency that doesn’t do the keyword research properly will be massively constrained from the beginning and will only ever be able to achieve mediocre results.

Another huge factor is acquiring the right backlinks. Strong and relevant backlinks are super important for SEO. Without them, it’s very difficult to be successful. Average SEO agencies will acquire cheap links from low authority sites in unrelated niches. This won’t transfer much authority, and it will be difficult to rank for competitive terms.

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