How Quickly Can I Expect To See Results?

Once your campaign is started, you can expect to see results after the 3rd month of work. Depending on your specific website and your niche, this can be slightly earlier or later.

What Will You Do To My Website?

Generally speaking SEO changes are minor and in the background – so most of them will not be visible on the front end of the website. The more freedom you give us to work with, the better your SEO results will be – as content plays a big part of a good SEO strategy. Having said this, it’s always up to you as the client, to tell us what level of change you’re comfortable with.  

How Can I See That What You're Doing Is Working?

Every month you will receive a report detailing your progress. This will include a summary of your organic traffic, rankings and a report of what was done. We’re all about transparency – we have nothing to hide! 

Will I be involved In This Process?

This depends on your personal preference. Generally clients that are more involved in their SEO campaign see much better results. This is because providing great content is a major part of a SEO campaign. 

You will still see great results without additional content, but you will definitely be losing out on some awesome opportunities. We have dedicated writers, but we always encourage our clients to help with this process, because who knows your business better than you?