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High ROI Google Advertising

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Hiring A Google Ads Management Agency.

By correctly setting up Google Ads (formerly Adwords) and refining your keywords over time, it’s possible to significantly increase the amount of leads and sales obtained.

It’s important to get the targeting right from the get go, as a bad set up can cost you a huge amount of money over time.  

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Google Ads Targeting is Powerful.

By using Google Ads, you can specifically target people searching for your products and services in a specific area at the exact time they’re looking to buy.

By understanding keyword volume and competition, it’s possible to form a Google Ads campaign with a Return on Investment (ROI) that is many times that of the ads spend.

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Google Ads Provide Fast Results.

Perhaps the fastest way to get clients online is by running Google Ads. These types of ads are extremely effective and can be set up quickly for immediate results.

SEO Summer provides an effective Google Ads Management service that will see you obtain exceptional results with Google Ads. This service is completely hands-free and will allow you to focus on your business while we send high quality leads your way!

Making sure you’re not wasting Google Ads Budget.

One of the most common things we see when looking at a business’s Google Ads account is dollar bills literally being burned by targeting keywords that are completely irrelevant to business.

Our Google Ads Management service ensures that negative keywords are in place, correct user intent is present and that the landing page is optimised for conversions.


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It’s important to monitor Google Ads

By keeping a close eye on Google Ads, we’re able to optimise your targeting over time. This ensures that there is no budget being wasted and that new keyword opportunities are taken advantage of. 

For example, if you’re a residential electrician and you’re being picked up in industrial electrical keywords, you’d be paying top dollar for poor quality leads. Over time, this can really add up and hurt your business. 


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Google Ads Management Price

The Google Ads Management fee depends on the size of your campaign and your ad spend. We work with fixed monthly budgets that are agreed upon prior to running the campaign. This simplifies things and makes for a more predictable and stable campaign.

Once the campaign is up and running, it’s possible to expand the scope of the campaign by adding more budget. This makes for a more flexible campaign that can be easily adjusted to account for seasonality and big sales.

Types of Google Ads Keywords

It’s important to know which types of keywords will work best. Google has many types of keywords that determine the specificity of targeting. 

A healthy balance between a audience size and audience specificity should be reached. For example if your targeting is too specific no one will see your ads, but if it’s too broad then you’ll get a lot of irrelevant clicks. 


Broad Match, Partial Match & Exact Match Keywords 

Within Google Ads it’s possible to more and less specifically. 

Broad match keywords will capture all keywords that relate to your keyword, even if only one word is related.

Partial match keywords include your keyword, but can also include keywords before and after.

Exact match keywords have the same meaning as your keyword – including your keyword exactly and other keywords that mean the same thing.  

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Google Ads Formats

In addition to different types of keywords, Google also offers different types of targeting. The type of targeting selected can significantly affect campaign outcomes, and will depend on the nature of your business. 

There are 2 main types of businesses – service based businesses & ecommerce businesses. For best results, different Google Ads should be used for the different types of businesses.

Generally Search & Shopping Ads are the most popular forms of Ads as they have the highest conversion rates, but are also usually more expensive.


Search Ads, Google Maps Ads & Shopping Ads, Display Ads & Video Ads 

Search Ads are the most common types of Ads and are displayed above organic search results with a ‘Sponsored’ tag. 

Google Maps Ads appear in the map pack with the top 3-4 local businesses. These types of Ads are best for physical storefronts, restaurants, as well as service businesses operating in the area.

Shopping Ads are only suitable for ecommerce businesses, and appear at the top of search results for product based search queries. For example if you search ‘sun glasses’, you will see a series of image blocks that show off products from different brands.

Video Ads & Display Ads can be used to promote content, and are generally best for products. 

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Google Ads Vs SEO

In short, Google Ads allows for a fast and effective way to bring in more leads. SEO on the other hand is slower and takes some time to get going, but in the long run (6-12 months), SEO can be a more affordable and higher converting strategy.

Every click costs you money in Google Ads, but in SEO, clicks are free. And so with good rankings, at scale, SEO becomes more cost effective. 


WHY You Should Run SEO Alongside Google Ads

By running both SEO & Google Ads campaigns you maximise the effectiveness of both. 

By first using SEO to optimise landing pages, Google Ads often become cheaper as Google is more confident your ad matches user intent.  

SEO often also sees some improvement from Google Ads because the site starts to see better user signals (reduced bounce rate, higher time on page), which usually positively affects rankings.