Local SEO For Landscaping Companies


Trimscapes, a Brisbane-based landscaping company, started SEO to improve organic rankings for landscaping related terms. They came on after seeing poor results from another SEO agency, where their rankings stagnated on the 3rd page of Google for multiple months with little progress. 

They had also seen a severe Google penalty for over-optimised anchor text which lead them to seek alternative SEO services. 

Work began in September 2022. We reversed the Google penalty and we have seen traffic rise exponentially since then, making for a great landscaping SEO case study.  

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The Goal 

The goal was to rank in Google for landscaping terms. 

Our SEO agency came up with a strategy to rank for the generic term ‘landscaping’ as well as ‘landscaping Brisbane’ and ‘landscaping’ + the most profitable Brisbane suburbs. Below are the results after less than 6 months. 


In simple terms we made changes to the front facing text as well as the backend meta data of the site. We fixed up any technical issues such as load speed and indexing. We then ran a relentless outreach campaign that secured highly relevant and authoritative Australian backlinks from landscaping related websites. This resulted in exceptional local SEO for this landscaping company.  

You can read about the full process in our SEO for Dummies Guide if you’re interested.


(Primary keywords are outlined in blue)

ranking improvements landscaping

‘Landscaping’ keyword as searched from Brisbane

*Google results differ when searching from different locations because Google prioritises local businesses.
However, you can test this yourself by going to iSearchFrom

google search results seo landscaping case study

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Sebastian Rosales
Sebastian Rosales
Excellent service, Víc and his agency SEO Summer was able to increase the traffic on my website in 2 months, 100% organically, I definitely recommend it.
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Silvia Rosales
I was very impressed with the quality of the service I received. It was exactly what I was hoping for!! Thanks
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Alex Evans
Viktor was really helpful and generous with his time. He is extremely knowledgeable and good at what he does. I am looking forward to working with him further in the future. Thanks Victor!
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Marie Rowland
Vic provided great service and helped improve our company's website visibility. His advice was very valuable and I would definitely recommend SEO Summer to others looking for reputable SEO services. Thanks Vic.
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Claudio Conte
Vic from SEO Summer has been our agency go-too to support our clients. His ethics are top notch which is rare to find within the industry. SEO Summer has also supported our own website with a few backlinks and helped us grow too. We would highly recommend if SEO is the next route for your business, to have a chat with Vic and his team to work out how SEO Summer can best support your next leads strategy!
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Monica Zheng
I used SEO Melbourne services at SEO Summer, and I had a good experience and achieved the impressive results by using it. I will definitely recommend it to my business partners and friends.
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Justin Ng
I had a great experience with SEO Summer! Vic provided excellent services and helped improve my website's visibility on Google. I appreciate his expertise and would definitely recommend SEO Summer to others looking for quality SEO services. Thank you, Vic!
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Lewis T
Have used a few different local SEO services during the past years, but SEO Summer is definitely the best Melbourne SEO that I have come across. Vic was able to deliver real results that moved the needle which resulted in more leads for our business. Highly recommend!
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Alex Norup
Awesome SEO agency in Melbourne, very helpful and have good value services.
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Myer Lipschitz
We've been working with Vic and his SEO agency for the past few months and have already noticed a significant increase in traffic to our website.
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