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SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting Service

We provide SEO keyword research and SEO Copywriting services to help create an all-inclusive content strategy for your brand.

A content strategy is absolutely necessary for any business, large or small. But it’s important that the content is optimised for it to be effective. 


Why Is Copy Important In SEO? 

Content is a large part of SEO. Perhaps one of the most important aspects, as it demonstrates to Google that your website is active and producing expert and trustworthy content on a specific topic. 

By having a blog on your website, you also give the impression to potential customers that you’re an industry expert and know what you’re talking about.



Content Strategy.

We will provide a complete content plan based on thorough keyword research, providing both volume and competition. 

We will also help you design content clusters and content maps, based on internal interlinking recommendations, which will help your money pages rank. 


How A Content Plan Can Help you make Money

Let’s say you’re a local business, and you want to rank for physiotherapy. 

Google needs proof that you’re an authority on this subject. Authority is driven by 2 factors: content and backlinks

The objective of producing content is not to rank for the articles themselves, although this can help drive traffic, but to rank for money pages – where potential clients land.      


Good Articles are an art

Our team writes super high quality articles. We’re native English speakers who have a complete mastery of the English language. 

Every article is 100% unique and written from scratch based on keyword research and the writing style of your brand. 

We Write for your audience 

We recognise that each business has a unique business voice. That’s why we marry SEO writing with your brand’s feel and style.

The resulting articles not only rank, but they embody your brand’s message.

You’ll be proud that your customers found your articles, rather than be embarrassed by copy written only for SEO purposes.