SEO For Dentists

Dental SEO experts can turn your website into a lead generating machine. Dental SEO services are essential to help you outrank your competitors in Google, and increase visibility to your business online.

Dental SEO or Search Engine Optimization, can help dental practices move away from expensive PPC advertising in Google to free organic clicks. Did you know that 2/3 of Google users scroll right past the ads without a second thought? 

Rank #1 On Google

How do Dental SEO Services Work?

Our dental SEO experts will make adjustments to your website that will make it rank for keywords related to your business. For example, if you’re a dentist in Richmond, a high converting keyword for you will be ‘dentist Richmond’ or ‘dentist in Richmond’.

It would also be very beneficial to rank for the suburbs surrounding Richmond. By making specific on-page changes, we are able to signal to Google that our page is about ‘dentist Richmond’.

Our dental SEO experts will also make your website super fast and remove any technical errors! This is essential for SEO as a bad user experience leads to more users bouncing from your website, which in turn signals to Google that your website is of poor quality.

We will also build authority to your dental clinic website by building backlinks. Backlinks are central to dental SEO as they make it clear to Google that you’re an authority on the subject. Think of them as social proof. When large authoritative and relevant websites link to you, then your website gets some powerful endorsement.

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Local SEO for Dentists

Another large player in dental SEO marketing is Google My Business (GMB). This is a profile that’s associated with your website, phone number and address. When this is set up correctly, your business will appear in the map pack for local searches – this is a set of 3 businesses that come up when a relevant local search is triggered.

This is super useful for dentists as the map pack is a prominent feature that shows up high in search results. Customers on the road are much more likely to interact with the map pack as it easily connects with Google Maps, which can direct users directly to the business location. Alternatively patients can call directly from this map pack to schedule an appointment.

Proven Strategy
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Proven Strategy

Dentist & Orthodontist SEO Keywords

A successful dentist SEO campaign starts with thorough keyword research. Here are a compilation of dentistry-related keywords with volume in Australia. By targeting these keywords a dental clinic can expect to gain a significant amount of targeted traffic and leads. 


community dental
holistic dentist
dental surgeon
dental practice
emergency dentist
dental clinic
best dentist
orthodontic treatment
best orthodontist
family orthodontics
orthodontic braces
family braces
affordable braces
modern orthodontics
pediatric orthodontist
emergency dental care
general dentistry
dental care
cosmetic dentistry
tooth filling
dental crown
dental plaque
dentist appointment
dental bridge
Passive Leads & Sales

Dental SEO Marketing – Why Blog?

Ever wondered why websites have blogs attached to them? For dental SEO marketing to succeed, you need some content. This is not only helpful for users, it will make your business look more authoritative to both users and Google.

You will capture traffic from related searches, which you can then redirect to your service pages. Creating content clusters relevant to dentistry will also help boost your business in rankings if appropriate internal linking is established.  


Dental SEO Company

SEO Summer is an experienced SEO agency with systems developed specifically to handle dental SEO marketing. We have worked with medical professionals in many fields and have had impressive results. As a dental SEO agency, we know what it takes for dentists and orthodontists to rank number 1 in Google.

If you feel it’s time to expand your business and get some help with dental website SEO, contact us directly here. We offer free consultations to help you understand your current SEO, and what it will take to overcome your Google search competition.

We help various businesses and professionals including doctors, dentists, lawyers, trades people, gyms, ecommerce brands and other businesses large and small. 

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