SEO For Lawyers

SEO can be super complicated and time-consuming to pull off. It requires some consistency and patience, but the results can be phenomenal. Ranking highly in Google and not being visible at all is the difference between a successful law firm and one that’s struggling to find suitable clients.

Law firm SEO is especially important for lawyers in highly competitive law niches. These include family law, personal injury lawyers, conveyancing, wills, dui lawyers and attorneys.

Rank #1 On Google

Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers

Lawyers tend to benefit most from local SEO. This is a combination of ranking for service + suburb terms, as well as a strong Google My Business (GMB) presence.

It’s important to start with keyword research to ensure that the chosen keywords have volume. Once these are established, they are used to optimise service pages with the main location (often the suburb/city used in the GMB address). A ring should then be created of the surrounding suburbs and used to produce location pages for all major services.

It’s important to spin the content and not to create too many pages, as this will result in duplication issues and Google may choose not to index some pages (which means they won’t appear in Google search).

lawyer seo gmb map pack

Improving Local SEO for Lawyers

Google My Business (GMB) presence is super important for law firms to consider. This is pivotal in SEO for lawyers strategies, as the GMB allows a law firm to have a presence in Google Maps. Only 3 local businesses are featured in the map pack, so being in the top 3 can make a business much more visible.

The GMB profile is linked to the law firm’s website, phone number and address – and with a click of a button, users can be directed to all three. The most important SEO to do for the GMB is to make sure the categories and business details are filled out correctly and accurately. Once this is established, reviews play the biggest role in making the profile more visible to users.

Proven Strategy
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Proven Strategy

Lawyer SEO Keywords

A successful lawyer SEO campaign starts with thorough keyword research. Here are a compilation of law keywords with volume in Australia. By targeting these keywords a law firm can expect to gain a significant amount of targeted traffic and leads. 


Personal Injury Lawyer
personal injury law firm
best injury lawyers
personal injury defense lawyer
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injury attorney
personal injury solicitors
Attorney SEO
family law attorney
criminal defence attorney
divorce attorney
car accident attorney
bankruptcy attorney
DUI Attorney
dui lawyer
dui attorney
dwi lawyer
dwi attorney
best dui lawyer near me
drunk driving lawyer
Solicitor SEO
conveyancing solicitors
no win no fee solicitors
family law solicitors
medical negligence solicitors
property solicitors
divorce solicitors
Business Lawyer SEO
business lawyer
corporate law
corporate law
business attorney near me
small business lawyer
corporate law firms
company lawyer
commercial litigation attorney
Family Lawyer SEO
family lawyer
divorce lawyer
divorce attorney
family law attorney
best divorce lawyers
family law solicitors
family court lawyers
custody lawyer
family solicitors
Immigration Attorney SEO
immigration agent
immigration advisor
immigration lawyer
immigration attorney
immigration solicitors
immigration law firm
best immigration lawyer
visa and citizenship lawyers
immigration lawyer consultation
Passive Leads & Sales

Law Firm SEO Marketing – Content Is King!

One of the biggest downfalls of law firm organic strategies is that there is no focus on content. Without good SEO optimised content, an SEO strategy will almost definitely fall through, or at least will not be as effective.

By using law content effectively, a lawyer SEO strategy can see some pretty insane results. These articles should be well written, backed by keyword research and interlinked to enhance the overall architecture of the website. By linking these pages to the money pages of the site, not only are you redirecting traffic to converting pages, but you are telling Google these pages are most important.


Law firm SEO services

At SEO Summer we have personally worked with multiple law firms, and have achieved excellent results. Our strategy is simple. Identify keyword opportunities, optimise on-page content, fix any technical website issues, create amazing content and push high-quality relevant backlinks to your website to improve your domain authority.

We help various businesses and professionals including doctors, dentists, lawyers, trades people, gyms, ecommerce brands and other businesses large and small. 

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