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Sebastian Rosales
Sebastian Rosales
Excellent service, Víc and his agency SEO Summer was able to increase the traffic on my website in 2 months, 100% organically, I definitely recommend it.
Silvia Rosales
Silvia Rosales
I was very impressed with the quality of the service I received. It was exactly what I was hoping for!! Thanks
Alex Evans
Alex Evans
Viktor was really helpful and generous with his time. He is extremely knowledgeable and good at what he does. I am looking forward to working with him further in the future. Thanks Victor!
Marie Rowland
Marie Rowland
Vic provided great service and helped improve our company's website visibility. His advice was very valuable and I would definitely recommend SEO Summer to others looking for reputable SEO services. Thanks Vic.
Claudio Conte
Claudio Conte
Vic from SEO Summer has been our agency go-too to support our clients. His ethics are top notch which is rare to find within the industry. SEO Summer has also supported our own website with a few backlinks and helped us grow too. We would highly recommend if SEO is the next route for your business, to have a chat with Vic and his team to work out how SEO Summer can best support your next leads strategy!
Monica Zheng
Monica Zheng
I used SEO Melbourne services at SEO Summer, and I had a good experience and achieved the impressive results by using it. I will definitely recommend it to my business partners and friends.
Justin Ng
Justin Ng
I had a great experience with SEO Summer! Vic provided excellent services and helped improve my website's visibility on Google. I appreciate his expertise and would definitely recommend SEO Summer to others looking for quality SEO services. Thank you, Vic!
Lewis T
Lewis T
Have used a few different local SEO services during the past years, but SEO Summer is definitely the best Melbourne SEO that I have come across. Vic was able to deliver real results that moved the needle which resulted in more leads for our business. Highly recommend!
Alex Norup
Alex Norup
Awesome SEO agency in Melbourne, very helpful and have good value services.
Myer Lipschitz
Myer Lipschitz
We've been working with Vic and his SEO agency for the past few months and have already noticed a significant increase in traffic to our website.

SEO for Townsville businesses

SEO services in Townsville can drastically improve your standing in local search results for your business and can help you outrank your competitors.

SEO Summer offers SEO services in Australia, including in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne.

The advantage of SEO over other forms of marketing in Townsville is the users you attract in this way are much further down the funnel than those obtained through other channels such as social media. This means they’re more likely to buy. The clicks you generate are also free, so as you scale your costs remain the same, unlike Google Ads.

You’ll also show up in the Townsville map pack, which is the primary source of traffic for local businesses that provide services at a physical location in Townsville. This provides a massive amount of traffic that is highly qualified – usually these people are already driving and need to find your business fast.

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Don’t be Invisible Online.

In the age of the internet… websites are storefronts, search engines are directories and your first impression is a few lines in the Google Search results.

SEO Summer focuses on optimising your website for Google – from an on-page, off-page and technical perspective. We help you rank above your competition, and put your business in the spotlight!

SEO Agency in Townsville – Why invest?

SEO is an industry that unfortunately has many charlatans selling SEO snake oil. A quick search in Fiverr will confirm this. You can find people selling thousands of links for pennies on the dollar. If you buy such a gig, not only will your website not rank, but you will almost certainly be penalised for buying low quality links that are known to be part of link-schemes.

Google has become very good at identifying unnatural link practices, and there is nothing more obvious than acquiring a thousand links in a single day.

As an Australian SEO agency that services Townsville, SEO Summer has a reputation built on solid results and trust. Our approach is anything but generic, that’s why we offer a free initial consultation so that we can really understand your business and what you want to achieve.

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Don't just be Found, become impossible to miss

50+ Melbourne Businesses On The First Page of Google, 100% Success Rate in 12 Months.

The most in depth SEO practices - perfecting, refining and transforming your website into an organic traffic powerhouse.

SEO Company Townsville – What sets us apart?

SEO Summer services have a much higher quality of service than other SEO companies in Townsville. We use only white hat techniques to build SEO results, which means that you will never get penalised when working with us.

Other SEO companies in Townsville have PBNs, networks of low quality websites that they use as sources of cheap links. In our opinion this is unethical – this can sometimes work initially but it sets your website up for failure later on. Link quality is much more important than quantity and so such tactics only test Google’s patience.

Unlike at many other SEO companies in Townsville, we truly care about your results. We always put in 110% for our clients using proven strategies that have replicable results. We don’t churn and burn like many other SEO agencies in Townsville, instead we focus on a manageable number of clients and provide tailored results and generous time commitments.

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SEO Packages

Custom SEO packages are also available upon request


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Suitable for local businesses in low to medium competition settings

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Suitable for new and emerging businesses that want to scale quickly

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Premium service that
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SEO Marketing Townsville

SEO marketing in Townsville is significantly more effective than social media marketing. Why? Because when you’re placing social media ads you’re targeting an audience at the wrong time – they are not looking for your services. 99% of these people will either scroll straight past your ad or click it only to bounce back to their news feed. What a waste of money!

SEO marketing in Townsville ensures that the visitors that are landing on your website are actively looking for your product or service. It’s much more powerful because of this, as you’re not trying to convince your customers to buy what you sell, instead you are attracting customers that are already set on buying what you have to offer.

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graph of seo vs google ads traffic over time

Google SEO Townsville

Google SEO in Townsville is a must have aspect of your website. Google will attract qualified leads and is necessary for any serious business. Google SEO in Townsville works by increasing the ranking of your website in Google search results. The higher your websites sits in Google search, the more visitors you will attract to your website.

google seo Townsville
For The Same Budget…

You could be getting much better results for the fraction of the cost of Google Ads and Facebook Ads by investing in SEO.

Each time someone clicks your ad, you are paying usually between $1 – $10, depending on the industry. Many of the people clicking it don’t even intend to buy. Bots and competitors can hike up your costs even more!

Although SEO takes some time to take off, in the long run it’s much more cost effective.


We make it as straightforward as possible for our clients to jump on board, starting with a strategy session outlining the process, and ending with your website ranking well for your chosen keywords.

Our SEO process has proven results in ALL competitive industries – from local service-based businesses to international ecommerce brands.

We are constantly evolving with the latest digital landscape and are always 2 steps ahead of Google algorythm updates.

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We’ve had exceptional results with clients in various industries, large and small

Landscaping SEO Case Study

Were were able to achieve very impressive results with Trimscapes, a Brisbane-based Landscaping Company. Results include increased organic traffic for highly relevant keywords, position 1 ranking for 'landscaping', position 1 ranking for many landscaping related keywords in the map pack, and more!

Trimscapes (Landscaping Company)

Click through to the complete case study where you will find a plethora of data that supports what were able to achieve with Trimscapes in 6 months.

Ecommerce SEO Case Study

We were able to achieve great results with Vuly, an enterprise level ecommerce business specialising in backyard play equipment. We were able to increase organic traffic, improve rankings for new and alternative product pages, create new keyword opportunities by targeting locations and product sizes and rank in various international markets.

Vuly Play (Ecommerce)

Explore the full case study to uncover a comprehensive range of data that substantiates our SEO achievements with Vuly Play within a 12 month period.

Medicine SEO Case Study

Sleeping Test is an Australian company that specialises in medical devices for sleep apnea. In this very competitive, high authoirty niche, we were able to take a completely new website and skyrocket both rankings and traffic within a 6 month period using a high-throughput outreach campaign and content plan.

Sleeping Test (Medical Device Company)

Access the complete case study to discover a wealth of data and achievements for Sleeping Test over a period of 6 months.

Education SEO Case Study

ServiceQ is an Australian company that specialises in providing customer service training to enterprises in Australia and beyond. In just 2 months we were able to get some of the primary customer service related keywords onto the first page by creating city based location pages with specific keyword density ratios and keyword entities.

ServiceQ (Education Provider)

View the entire case study to unearth a multitude of data and accomplishments for ServiceQ.

Trade Education SEO Case Study

Rock Up Group is an Australian company that specialises in concrete polishing training. Within 2 months, we were able to rank Rock Up Group number 1 for their primary keyword, 'concrete polishing training'.

Rock Up Group (Tradie Education Company)

Find our accomplishments detailed in the case study below.

SEO PRICES Townsville

SEO prices for different cities depend generally depend on population as this determines how strong the competition, usually. Bigger and more developed cities have more businesses doing the same thing and so prices are more expensive to compete. Prices for SEO in Townsville generally range from $750 – 2500, but can exceed this easily depending on the size of the project.

seo prices Townsville

SEO Summer offers SEO services in Australia, including in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne.

We help various businesses and professionals including doctors, dentists, lawyers, trades people, gyms, ecommerce brands and other businesses large and small.