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Ben Shepherd
Ben Shepherd
After using several SEO Agency, and not getting results needed I decided to take on SEO Summer, after hearing positive feedback about SEO Summer Agency. Wow my rankings have drastically increased on my organic google search. I am now ranked on the first page and my ranking position changes every month. If you're looking for a SEO Agency that is brilliant and gets you results in a speedy time and affordable prices, I would highly recommend SEO Summer to anyone.
Ellis G
Ellis G
I've been looking for an SEO agency that could deliver on my requests for a long time now. Finally found SEO Summer - Melbourne and am super happy with their performance and customer service.
Zoya Koltunevich
Zoya Koltunevich
I have got a great experience with SEO Summer. . Very happy with their job and will advise to everyone who need to contact and use SEO Summer-Melbourne!
Philip Robison
Philip Robison
I have to say that the results have been spot on and working with the team at SEO Company has really helped us to elevate our online presence on Google. I highly recommend working with these guys they definitely know their stuff and care about what it is you are trying to achieve.
Darshan Lad
Darshan Lad
Great SEO service from Vic. Would definitely use the service again for future projects.
Natasha (Tash) M.D
Natasha (Tash) M.D
SEO Company is Amazing!!. Walked me through SEO and fixed mistakes on my website. Website looks amazing now!
Harry Baker
Harry Baker
Really great experience with this SEO agency. They helped me rank in the top 3 for my primary keyword in just 4 months and were very easy and friendly to deal with!
Nicole Zhang
Nicole Zhang
I'm so impressed with their expertise really help my small business to improve our online presence. I can't recommend it enough!
Curtis Miller
Curtis Miller
SEO Summer is a fantastic SEO Agency. They were able to increase my website organic traffic by 150% in 3 months! Can't wait to see what the future holds and what our partnership will bring.
EJ Riconalla
EJ Riconalla
The best SEO agency in Melbourne! Worked with the team to help me boost my business' website and they were very helpful and knowledgeable.

SEO for Townsville businesses

SEO services in Townsville can massively improve visibility in Google and can help you outrank your competitors.

SEO Summer offers SEO services in Australia, including in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne.

The advantage of SEO over other forms of marketing in Townsville is the users you attract in this way are much further down the funnel than those obtained through other channels such as social media. This means they’re more likely to buy. Unlike PPC ads, there is no cost associated with users clicking onto your website organically.

You’ll also show up in the Townsville map pack, which is the primary source of traffic for local businesses that provide services at a physical location in Townsville. This provides a massive amount of traffic that is highly qualified – usually these people are already driving and need to find your business fast.

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Don’t be Invisible Online.

In the age of the internet… websites are storefronts, search engines are directories and your first impression is a few lines in the Google Search results.

SEO Summer focuses on optimising your website for Google – from an on-page, off-page and technical perspective. We help you rank above your competition, and put your business in the spotlight!

SEO Agency in Townsville – Why invest?

SEO is an industry that unfortunately has many charlatans selling SEO snake oil. There are tons of vendors that will claim to sell you thousands of links for a few dollars. If you choose to buy something like this, don’t be surprised if your website immediately tanks to zero. Google isn’t stupid..

Google has become very good at identifying unnatural link practices, and there is nothing more obvious than acquiring a thousand links in a single day.

As an Australian SEO agency that services Townsville, SEO Summer has a reputation built on solid results and trust. Our approach is anything but generic, that’s why we offer a free initial consultation so that we can really understand your business and what you want to achieve.

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Our SEO Clients

SEO Company Townsville – What sets us apart?

SEO Summer services have a much higher quality of service than other SEO companies in Townsville. Our techniques are extremely safe and have been tested on dozens of websites to ensure that they pass Google’s bullshit test – rest assured that you will never be penalised using our services.

Other SEO companies in Townsville have PBNs, networks of low quality websites that they use as sources of cheap links. In our opinion this is unethical – this can sometimes work initially but it sets your website up for failure later on. Link quality is much more important than quantity and so such tactics only test Google’s patience.

Unlike at many other SEO companies in Townsville, we truly care about your results. We always put in 110% for our clients using proven strategies that have replicable results. We don’t churn and burn like many other SEO agencies in Townsville, instead we focus on a manageable number of clients and provide tailored results and generous time commitments.

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SEO Packages

Custom SEO packages are also available upon request


The Basics

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Suitable for local businesses in low to medium competition settings

Most Popular

Rank Jumper

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Suitable for new and emerging businesses that want to scale quickly

Best Value

Competition Killer

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Premium service that
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SEO Marketing Townsville

SEO marketing in Townsville is significantly more effective than social media marketing. Why? Social media just isn’t doing that well lately, the data they have on users is becoming less useful due to privacy laws and competition between tech companies and the cost is going through the roof due to bigger companies bidding on your keywords. People just scroll past ads without a second thought because they’re so saturated in the news feed!

SEO marketing in Townsville ensures that the visitors that are landing on your website are actively looking for your product or service. It’s much more powerful because of this, as you’re not trying to convince your customers to buy what you sell, instead you are attracting customers that are already set on buying what you have to offer.

seo marketing agency Townsville
pie graph comparing seo ctr and ads ctr
graph of seo vs google ads traffic over time

Google SEO Townsville

Google SEO in Townsville is a must have aspect of your website. Google will attract qualified leads and is necessary for any serious business. Google SEO in Townsville works by increasing the ranking of your website in Google search results. The higher your websites sits in Google search, the more visitors you will attract to your website.

google seo Townsville
For The Same Budget…

You could be getting much better results for the fraction of the cost of Google Ads and Facebook Ads by investing in SEO.

Each time someone clicks your ad, you are paying usually between $1 – $10, depending on the industry. Many of the people clicking it don’t even intend to buy. Bots and competitors can hike up your costs even more!

Although SEO takes some time to take off, in the long run it’s much more cost effective.


We make it as straightforward as possible for our clients to jump on board, starting with a strategy session outlining the process, and ending with your website ranking well for your chosen keywords.

Our SEO process has proven results in ALL competitive industries – from local service-based businesses to international ecommerce brands.

We are constantly evolving with the latest digital landscape and are always 2 steps ahead of Google algorythm updates.

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We’ve had exceptional results with clients in various industries, large and small

trimscapes logo

Main keyword:  Position 21 to 6
(in 3 months)

immagine immigration logo

71% increase in organic traffic
(in 4 months)

sleeping test logo

413% increase in organic traffic
(in 3 months)

SEO Articles

Here’s how much money some of the articles we’ve written have made one of our Ecommerce clients (in 9 months)

seo articles case study
SEO Location Pages

Here’s how much some of the SEO location pages we created made one of our Ecommerce clients (in 7 months)

seo location pages that made money
SEO PRICES Townsville

Population is the biggest driving force for SEO prices. This is mostly because the more people there are the more competition there is. Bigger and more developed cities have more businesses doing the same thing and so prices are more expensive to compete. Prices for SEO in Townsville generally range from $750 – 2000, but can exceed this easily depending on the size of the project.

seo prices Townsville

SEO Summer offers SEO services in Australia, including in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne.

We help various businesses and professionals including doctors, dentists, lawyers, trades people, gyms, ecommerce brands and other businesses large and small.