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How We Scale


We make it as straightforward as possible for our clients to jump on board, starting with a strategy session outlining the process, and ending with your website ranking well for your chosen keywords. Here’s how we do it.

1. Keyword Research

One of the most important steps of any SEO campaign is data. Keyword research data allows SEOs to make informed decisions about which keywords to target for maximum results.

Volume, Location & Competition

Each keyword has a specific search volume in a specific area, as well as a competition score, which estimates how difficult it is to rank for it.

By having this data, it’s possible to select keywords with the most volume and the least competition.


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2. On-page Optimisations

On-page changes are the most important changes that are made. They form the basis of whether it’s possible to rank for a specific keyword or not.

For example a page about ice cream will never rank for donuts, but also a blog post about best trampolines will never rank for trampolines (the product). 

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User Intent, Keywords & Media

For every search, Google has an intended type of content that users expect – this is called user intent and should exactly match the page you’re trying to rank.

The keywords and media used on the page should also be optimised in accordance with the keywords the page is trying to rank for. Want to know if you’re doing SEO right? Get an obligation free audit.

3. Technical SEO

There are many technical elements to SEO that also need to be fixed for a campaign to be successful.

Technical SEO aims to fix all of the errors that prevent ranking on Google, especially critical errors that prevent Google from even seeing your webpages.

Indexing & Web Core Vitals (Speed)

The 2 main aspects of technical SEO are indexing and web core vitals (aka. website speed).

If your website is not indexing, that means the page cannot be found in Google. Website speed is also critical as a slow website will result in users leaving the website – which will also affect SEO.

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Some Of The Businesses We’ve Helped

4. Backlink Acquisition

Backlinks give a website authority. If all other metrics are the same between 2 websites, the website with more backlinks will come out on top. Backlinks essentially pass trust to your website, and the more websites link to yours, the more likely Google is to allow your site in the top results. 

Outreach & Web Relationships

We are constantly on the look out for websites that allow backlink placements, and have amassed a large library of sites of the years. 

By linking high authority and niche relevant sites to yours, we can skyrocket your rankings in Google. 

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Knowledge is power

With the SEO tools available to us, we’re able to analyse competitor websites and figure out what’s working for them.

We can see their best pages, which pages they are putting SEO efforts into, which links they’re acquiring and much much more! This can super charge your SEO campaign as we are able to implement tactics that have already worked for your top ranking competitiors.

5. Competition Spying

To be successful in SEO it’s important to know what the competition is doing. How strong are your competitors and what are they up to? 

Equipped with this knowledge, it’s possible to find weaknesses in their strategy or copy some of their best SEO implementations. Obviously if a website is ranking number 1 they’re doing something right!

seo competitor spying
pie graph comparing seo ctr and ads ctr
graph of seo vs google ads traffic over time

6. Analytics

In SEO it’s important to keep track of results. Data driven decisions are the only decisions that should be made in SEO.

Analytical data not only provides a clear picture of the current state of SEO, but also allows us to set SEO goals and informs future changes. The effect of every change should be carefully measured for SEO outcomes. 

Analytics & Rankings

We provide monthly SEO reports to our clients that carefully explain and document changes, analytics data and ranking changes. 

This provides a reassurance, but also keeps our team accountable. We are very much results driven, and we aim to get results each and every month. 

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SEO Packages

Custom SEO packages are also available upon request


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SEO Summer offers SEO services in Australia, including in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne.

We help various businesses and professionals including doctors, dentists, lawyers, trades people, gyms, ecommerce brands and other businesses large and small.