Top 5 Chrome Extensions For SEO

Top 5 Chrome Extensions For SEO

There are 3 main SEO plugins that most people use when it comes to SEO. These plugins allow you to easily change the meta title and description, 2 extremely important features of SEO. Each plugin also has a series of additional features that can help with SEO.

The top SEO plugins are Rank Math, Yoast SEO and All In One SEO. They all pretty much do the same thing. Some have additional features, however, while others may be prone to bugs or keep useful features behind a pay wall.

1. SEO Minion

 SEO Minion allows you to see the page meta title and meta description on websites you don’t have backend access to, or if you simply don’t want to navigate to the backend of one of your own pages.

SEO Minion also gives you access to all of the headers on your page. They are not visually identifiable, but it does give you a comprehensive list, which includes those hidden on tablet and mobile view. This is a good way to find any errors that you may have missed on different devices.

Furthermore, SEO Minion can gives you some useful data on SERPs. It can also scrape web results, which can be very useful when doing outreach.

seo minion

2. Heading Tag Markup

Although SEO Minion can identify Heading Tags, it cannot visually display them. Heading Tag Markup makes it much easier to spot the heading tags by attaching CSS properties that highlight heading tags in different colours. This is perhaps the best way to easily visualise all of your heading tags and to make sure you are using the correct tags based on the importance of your headings.

heading tag markup

3. Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa rankings are a low-resolution way to determine how prominent a website is, based on traffic and authority. It can be useful as a first point of contact before further analysis is done on a website of interest. By itself its not particularly useful, but in conjunction with other metrics it may provide some useful insight.

This Alexa rank is a number that represents how a website ranks compared to all other websites. Lower numbers are better, with the number 1 being the top website. Alexa also gives a country breakdown, which indicates where the website resides – and hence the rank is country specific. This is a good way to find out where a website is located, and can allow you to weed out poor quality sites from less trusted internet players, e.g. India, China, etc.

Perhaps even more useful than its main feature, Alexa Traffic Rank provides several similar websites to the one you’re looking at. This makes it easy to find websites in the same niche and with similar metrics.

    alexa traffic rank

    4. Hunter IO

    Hunter IO is an email scraping software. It allows you to quickly and easily find an email address from a business. If you have a list of websites, Hunter IO can scrape the emails from these sites, helping you reach the business owners with bulk email.

    In theory this sounds great, in practice there are some flaws to this software. The first and most obvious is that not all websites have emails. Many website owners purposely don’t display email addresses to avoid spam. Moreover, some display their email addresses with incorrect syntax to purposely mislead these kinds of bulk scraping efforts.

    Sometimes, even when real emails are present, the software either cannot find them or captures old or otherwise incorrect emails. Manual scraping is still alive and kicking until email scraping tools become more sophisticated.

    hunter io

    Moz Bar

    Moz Bar is an SEO chrome extension by Moz that allows you to quickly visualise DA, PA and Spam Score. DA (Domain Authority) suggests the strength of the domain. The stronger this value is, usually the more established the website is from the perspective of backlinks and traffic.

    PA (page authority) suggests the authority of a specific page on the website, and in combination with DA, can give a low-resolution prediction of how high the page will rank in Google.

    Both values are measured out of 100 and compared to websites in the same niche. It’s important to note that these values provide a rough guide, and that this is not an official Google measurement.

    In fact, some high DA sites can be spam sites, or otherwise dodgy sites such as PBNs. Moz attempts to correct this by giving websites a spam score %, but even this can falter. Ultimately, Moz Bar metrics are a good first indicator but should be used in combination with other more robust tools such as Ahrefs.


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